Crack Sealing Machine

  • Bituminous Adhesive Machine
  • Bituminous Adhesive Machine
  • Bituminous Adhesive Machine
  • Bituminous Adhesive Machine
Bituminous Adhesive MachineBituminous Adhesive MachineBituminous Adhesive MachineBituminous Adhesive Machine

Bituminous Adhesive Machine

  • Product description: Bituminous Adhesive Machine,Pavement Marking Adhesive for delineator post, speed humps, road markers, bitumen cracking sealings,Bituminous Marker Adhesive For RRPMs, Bituminous Marker Adhesive For RRP

1.Application and Working Principle

Landscapus LSKB-60 machine is used to melt the material.It is equipment specialized in road maintenance.

Landscapus LSKB-60 asphalt Crack Sealing machine fuel is liquefied petroleum gas, it heat the bottom of material tank.Conduction oil inside the tank will make heating fast and uniformity, rock wool insulation outside the conduction oil is used for heat preservation. After the material is melt,heat exchange can speed up by hand stirring. When the material meet the requirement for the job,turn on the asphalt pump to output the material,aim the discharge hole at the crack by manual forward (or backward),push the machine to fill the crack.

2. Safety Precautions

1) The operator must be trained.

2) The operator should wear Protective equipment.

3) Check the liquefied gas tank and hose connection before operation, to avoid leakage.

4) Notice the part at high temperature to avoid burn.

5) When fill the asphalt, notice the asphalt splash to avoid hurt people.

6 )When fill conduction oil, avoid water and air.

7) When operation, observe the combustion furnace and instrument any time.

8) If the flame extinguish in special circumstances, shut off the Gas manual valve in due course.

9) Avoid mix the stone and sundries in the oil tank.

3. Technical Parameters





Mixing Mode


Material Tank Volume


Asphalt Pump Model

CB-B 2.5

Fuel Type

Liquefied Gas


(Yamaha ET950)

Rated Voltage




Rated Output



2stroke,air cooled

Start Mode



Premixed gasoline50:1

4. Operation

  1. Open the LPG valve, use electronic ignition light the liquefied gas stove located under the front of the machine body (front with observation hole). Start heating, adjust the flame in the stove, and adjust the opening size of the valve to adapt the combustion, (opening size is too big may cause a poor combustion or extinguishing, opening size is too small may cause red flame or poor combustion.)

  1. Put the clean joint sealant into the melting furnace (about 20kg each time, or according to required amount), cover on the furnace cover. Normally, should feeding the material moderately according to the using time. When continuous use, it is better to maintain a certain finished material in the stove, which can improve the thermal efficiency, and improve the melting efficiency greatly.

    3. Pay attention to the thermometer temperature, the temperature shows on the thermometer can’t exceed the allowable temperature of caulking material. If exceed the allowable temperature may cause caulking material harden.

  1. Start the generator well injected mixed oil, follow the generator instructions to supply power for the control and heating system.

  1. When the temperature of the crack filling material meet the requirement, firstly, open the power switch located on the electrical control box, press the heating switch in the middle, about 5 minutes later, press the pouring switch, then open the governor switch and speed potentiometer to take a trial crack filling to make sure the discharge nozzle normal pouring out material.

    If the motor rotates tired or slowly, which indicates that the gear pump or delivery line temperature is low, you should immediately turn off the pouring switch, stop the motor, repeat the above operation or increase liquefied gas flame to increase the temperature..

    6. Push the Crack Sealing machine to the side of expansion joint, let the discharge nozzle be directed at the cleaned expansion joint, press the pouring switch, the motor rotate and the crack pouring start, then push the machine forward, match the advancing speed and the size of the expansion joints, the amount of discharge can be adjusted by replacement of discharge nozzle.

    5. Operation Cautions

    1. Machine power source is two-stroke gasoline generator, please operate this machine according to operation manual strictly.

    2. This machine use 30# thermal oil, will reduce thermal oil after repeated use, please remember to add. The thermal oil is injected into side of mounting hole, the standard thermal oil level is 1/3 of the tank, please do not make the  air flow blockage.

    3. Sealing pause time do not more than 5 minutes, if pause time is too much longer, the sealing material in pipeline will solidified.

    4. In the course of operation, there are three situation when discharging mouth do not discharge material:

    A. The sealing material in the tank was run out or the temperature is not high;

    B. The former filter of gear pump was blocked by impurities, material couldn’t flow into gear pump;

    C. The discharging mouth was blocked (the temperature discharging mouth heating is not high).

    Please check according to the above situation.

    5. When the sealing material melting will send out gas, which is harmful to our body, please cover up the furnace cover, operater should  wear face mask, gloves and other protective things.

    Attention: In order to ensure the machine long lifetime and security, when use this machine for the first time, the asphalt content may not less than 1/ 2 of the capacity.